Things To Do In Tempe, Arizona

When planning our road trip, we were doing research on the cities that we would drive through. We learned which cities had attractions that we wanted to stop and see along the way. The city of Tempe offered many things to do so we decided it would be one we would visit. One of the first things that we will do is visit the Art Museum of ASU. They have exhibits that change all of the time so there’s always something interesting to check out. Since it’s going to be summer when we go to the city, we’ve decided to do more things indoor to stay out of the heat. One thing we will be doing is visiting the mall which has an aquarium that should be interesting. We will also spend some time shopping in the mall before we head out. If the weather is nice, we will stop by the Big Surf Waterpark. The waterpark boasts having one of the largest wave pools in the world. There are water slides, pools, and lessons on surfing that you can participate in. We figured this would be a fun way to spend the day if it’s hot enough outside for us to need to cool down.