Fun Facts About Phoenix, Arizona

One of the first things people think about in regards to Phoenix, Arizona is its immense heat. The temperatures reach heights unlike nearly anywhere else in the United States, especially throughout the summer. Luckily, the humidity is fairly low, making the intense heat far more bearable. In fact, many people with problems such as asthma retire to Phoenix when they’re able given the much drier, high quality air that happens to be abundance there.

Phoenix is also one of the major hubs of the US southwest. It happens to be the sixth most populated city in the entire country, an almost surprising amount given how much more you hear about the likes of Los Angeles and Las Vegas to the west. Even so, Phoenix and its residents have much to be proud of given their bustling yet authentically rustic locale.

Of course, Phoenix is also known worldwide thanks to the Arizona Diamonbacks Major League Baseball team. Operating in the western National League, the team has been a strong contender ever since their debut in 1998. They won the World Series only a few years into their tenure, making them among the most rapidly successful teams in the entire history of the MLB.