Fun Facts About Mesa, Arizona

Mesa, AZ wasn’t always known by that name. It was originally called Zenos. The name Mesa is much more appropriate for the region however given its Spanish origins. Mesa itself means table, an very apt name given the square-like shape.

The Arizona Temple, one of the state’s most visited attractions, is located in Mesa. The location is home to an annual Easter pageant that people travel from all over to see. Locals and visitors alike have grown quite fond of the festivities over the years.

Though it may seem out of place, the 2016 World Series winning Chicago Cubs hold their annual spring training sessions in Mesa. The Arizona Diamondbacks are among the top rivals of the Cubs. Even so, the team seems to always be welcome. Chalk it up to classic Arizonan hospitality!

Mesa, Arizona might be talked about as often as many of the sprawling metropolis cities of the US, but it’s still plenty notable. It’s within the top 40 most populated cities in the country, and it’s in the top 3 within the state. Mesa also has the interesting distinction of being the largest known suburban town in the entirety of the United States.