All About Glendale, Arizona

Located in famous Maricopa County, the city of Glendale, Arizona is located 9 miles north of downtown Phoenix. With a population of 220,000 full time residents they have come a long way from the old days of a mere 1,000 residents a century ago. Even though steady growth has taken place over a century, Glendale has especially blossomed as a favorite for middle class and semi-wealthy retirees have helped create a steady and solid infrastructure for the local economy.

Home to the Arizona Cardinals of the NFL, Glendale also sees its share of other sports including less conventionally popular ones like Lacrosse. There are plenty of entertainment options whether young or old, no matter what type of sports or athletic events interest you.

There are multiple parks both in the city limits and in the desert just outside of it, and the close proximity to Phoenix means that Glendale residents or visitors always have the ability to jump on over to the larger capital city and see what type of special events are going on over there.

Glendale has a lot to offer, and it should come as no surprise that the city has grown so rapidly in recent decades.